Harry Stefano


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Born to a middle-class family. Harry Stefano realized her passion for writing at an early age. However, it was not an easy process as she spent a big part of her life trying to overcome her mental health stigma. Harry created a name for herself in the leisure and tourism industry while embracing her newfound independence. Harry's diverse though sometimes dark experiences gave birth to her first book, The Gorgeous Mr. Zane, which many readers describe as rich yet disturbing. But Getting over Mr. Zane, her 2nd book, takes Harry Stefano to an even darker place.


This book makes a statement on current societal attitudes, challenging social norms, and the status quo. It particularly looks at the harsh reality of the life of a mistress. It’s a bit of an exposé that will intrigue you; it captures the 1960s generation of free love and describes how a woman in modern times can still make choices, particularly in regard to her love life, and feel empowered by this. She is no societal puppet, controlled by strings.


Basically focuses as the title suggests more so on the public rather than private domain. And continuing on a little with the concept of being a mistress as if the 1st book wasn't harsh enough involving the harsh realities the 2nd book takes Harry Stefano to an even darker place. Since she discovers how Mr Zane well isn't the man she thought he was!