What our partners say about us

Eleanor, White and Blue Dress from mom,
Eleanor Lee Gustaw

“I'm delighted to be a part of The Universal Breakthrough magazine, but I must admit that I really loved and favored 'Pages' over 'Breakthrough' I truly am inspired by the magazine and wish it many years of success! I'm honored to be a part of this amazingly wonderful and lovely magazine! Thank you for your trust and recognition in my work!”

"Oh, I hardly know what to say!  The illustrations are most amazing! They wholly captivate every perfect detail matched to the script! I am totally overwhelmed! I could never have imagined such beauty and detail, and my heart is full of joy for the time and beauty that is captured so beautifully and poignantly with the illustrations for The Sundog Snow Adventure! Ian West inspired my heart to create this book and it became a Trilogy, so there is more to come!  After I had completed my Saga of The Stranger series, he said that he thought I should write something completely different and light and short.  That's how I was inspired to create this book and this Trilogy!  God gave me the title later that day when I was home again! This was such a fun book to create!  And I just love the Book Cover, too!  The illustrations truly couldn't be more perfect and inspiring!  They bring the storyline to life upon the pages in such a lovely way!"

Vladimir Zaglada.JPG
Dr. Vladimir Zaglada

“Yes! I can confirm my endless appreciation to the Great Job which was shown to me and to my books by Super Professional Team during my work with Universal Breakthrough Magazine. During such a hard time for the whole World I got attention, respect and very high level of Humanity, Prosperity and Positiveness from the side of the people I never met before! They were AMAZING and lovely to me at any time we spoke, communicated through email or talking on phone! Thanks to the Amazing Team of The Universal Breakthrough Magazine again and again. ”

Judy Prescott

“100% pleased with all done to market my books and future books.”

Dean Matthews

“You listen, you're very friendly and you seem to care about me and my book.”

Katie Santee

“I feel this company has gone beyond my expectations. The articles have been fabulous, their advise has been very helpful. The trailer they made me has been a hit on Youtube. I can't say enough positive things about them.”

Carl Anderson

“It is even getting better and better this Carl Anderson adventure you have in The Universal Pages. It was fantastic from start on and you deepen it the more you write. I'm amazed the way you use my written works.”

David Castells Angelet

“You are people very kind with me. I have observed that you have chosen the only picture that I am smiling. This says to me that you care my image. Personally, I thought that my story was sad, and I thought that my picture should show seriousness but now I agree your decision. Will make my friends happy.”

Aquilinus Odong

“It's perfect. Thank you for capturing the story of my life in the most beautiful way. I have always believed, someone out there would one day notice me, and lift me up. You are doing just that. Nice doing business with you and thank you for your dedication!”

carlandepetris_bookcover_photo.jpg photo
Carla Nicole De Petris

“I just receive those two articles and I am very grateful to the writer. It’s very nice to see how much you understand what I am trying to convey. I appreciate very much that you write about the blogs. The story will develop a day at the time with questions in search of an answer. Thank you very much.”